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About Brumbies 4 Recovery

Brumbies within Australia are viewed as an iconic link to the creation of Australia. The animal that was at the shoulder of those who toiled building dams, mustering in stock camps, mail delivery, transportation for everyday people and children to get to and from school. 

Brumbies are as iconic as the word represents, are woven into the thread of modern Australia.

Yet now roaming freely across Australia as the largest wild horse population on earth of over 400,000 they are mostly viewed as an invasive pest. 


Brumbies 4 Recovery Incorporated (B4R) is the not-for-profit arm of 4BP Horses, a revolutionary horse training program. 

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Brumbies 4 Recovery is a revolutionary mental health program. The first of its kind to ever be funded by NSW Primary Health Network in Australia for its mental health program targeting suicide prevention, depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma and trauma illnesses, etc.

Brumbies 4 Recovery was established to cater for those most in need of assistance that government and community programs were missing. 


Privately funded, Brumbies 4 Recovery have performed speciality clinics for returned veterans, remote and isolated indigenous and non-indigenous communites, trauma victims and drought wellbeing clinics.

The Brumbies 4 Recovery program utilise the now freely roaming, long forgotten, large framed inland brumbies that were long ago turned out to feed when motorbikes and aerial mustering took over.

Equine Therapy

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