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The Brumbies 4 Recovery (B4R) is a not-for-profit funded by donations and government grants which runs Community Wellbeing Clinics and Suicide Prevention programs. 


It all started when Joe Hughes received a text from his daughter with a link to the brumbies being removed from the Mt Kosciusko mountains. 

After a few phone calls to parks and wildlife and brumby activists we researched the USA's issues with wild horses. We decided one morning that we would take all the horses that normally went to slaughter and train them using the 4BP method. 

From 2016, we started rescuing brumbies that were being removed from Mount Kosciuszko National Park.

These noble wild horses are showcased and become part of our 4BP Horse Clinics or the Brumbies 4 Recovery programs.

"When I first went to 4BP, I went to learn how to gently train a wild horse, but I got so much more out of it. 
It's impacted every aspect of my life."

- 4BP Cooee Legend

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